Throughout my years as a photographer, I have met countless individuals who have completely astonished me with their strength, courage, gumption, moxie, heart and intense need to always thrive. These women have become my tribe and support. They were the first to be photographed for Ground Breaking Women. They are my daily inspiration. Without their faith & support, this project would not have been possible. Every single person has a story that has made them who they are today; these are theirs. 




"The worst thing someone ever said to me was 'Did you know people actually hate you? Everybody feels sorry for you and wishes you would just kill yourself.'  I was bullied pretty badly in junior high. I was a gawky little nerd with glasses and terrible fashion sense. I was better friends with my teachers than my peers. I hung out with anyone and everyone, but never had close friends. A girl in the grade above me saw my weakness and made it her mission to tear me down in any way possible. I wish I could go back and thank her- she wanted me to fall, and it taught me to rise."



"What I have been through has made me a person of compassion, beyond anything second hand experience could contribute."



"The best compliment I have ever received was stating that if I was able to see myself from another's eyes, I'd see how strong and beautiful I really am. I took that to heart and started appreciating myself and my body instead of hating parts that I thought didn't fit. I had been wrong to hate them; all the parts fit exactly as they should."

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"One of the most defining moments in my life was when I abandoned the confines of my past for the hope of an enriching future."





"Being a cancer survivor, I am still completely astonished that, after being told I would never be able to have children, that I was able to grow a healthy baby inside of me and bring her into this world."

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"I believe that cookies and pie are a perfectly acceptable breakfast. You should always have champagne in your refrigerator, A wise woman creates opportunity where she finds none and my kids laughter is absolutely the best sound in the world."