"Diane Keaton inspires me. I really appreciate her take on feminism. She believes that you and I are the exact types of women we need to be to fulfill our soul’s journey at this moment."

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"I used to be very scared of confrontation of any kind; I wouldn’t even be able to tell someone I’d just met they’d pronounced my name incorrectly - I’d just smile and agree. I started taking small steps to improve that part about me. It could be something small like the name example, or it could be standing up to someone in a board meeting. Whatever it was, I calmed my racing heart, would focus on my breathing, and would speak calmly to the person I wanted to correct or confront. It’s helped me improve social skills, communication skills, and I feel more confident. Just going at little steps each day can really make a huge difference, especially when most people aren’t taking those steps to improve."

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"I wanted to be the President of the United States. I had my executive cabinet picked out in the 5th grade, and I must say that I made excellent choices on the cabinet. I wanted to help people grow and learn from one another, and I thought the best way to do that would be to become POTUS. The dream isn’t dead, but the goal has always been the same. I work in Dallas’ real estate market, helping everyone from developers to home owners in a bad lending situation. Everyone needs representation, and everyone asks for guidance. I always guide with my clients’ best interest, never my own, and that’s really paid off ten-fold. When you have a reputation as being ethical in this business, clients come to you because it’s such a rare quality. My ethical responsibilities to my fellow man have always been what I was the most concerned about. I guess some things just don’t change." 

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"Empowerment means feeling brave in the shoes you’re wearing while walking your life path.  A ground breaking woman defines herself."

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"I’m loyal to a fault. I sing horribly but rap fantastically. I can make myself look like a 'Hoo' from How to Grinch Stole Christmas. I gave up a job making $250,000 a year in an unethical manner to pursue one that would take me several years to come to that income level. But, most importantly, I look myself in the mirror every day and know who I am, and love her."

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"My favorite curse word is “assclown.”  I think it sends the exact message that I’m trying to put out there, whereas most curse words fall short. We use them too often in general speech - you have to get creative if you want the word to have a punch."